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ミウミσ its ok for class 4 for if you dont mind the odd suprise tail/nose stand, and a lot more fun than a readline. im selling because my feet are way to big for it or is this just the landowners excuse to keep boaters away
'Sarah..pass me that shotgun...I'm gonna end it all' :b I wrote an e-mail to the BCU regarding the whole assessor status thing, here's a copy of the original e-mail and, would you believe it, a reply!....a positive one at that! (are things changing in the ivory towers? :lol )
ミオツメ Yeah as far as I'm aware I don't do the bobbing thing, my lean isn't excesive and I think the boats neutral....but.....if you guys are saying I should still be able to paddle forwards in the same position / technique as a larger boat then 'some ting ain't ryt!' :D OK done the profile thingy but struggling with the picture, can't decide between the one of me getting trashed on the Ubaye or drunk as a skunk in a cafe in Argentiere! Both are outa focus anyway......... :)
PS Anyone else having problems accessing the main site at present? I don't think I could pass 3 star in my Jive. I'm at the upper end of the weight range for the boat, and the cockpit is very low at the back - so I can't (with any consistency) get back into the boat from a capsize and swim. The stern dips and the boats fills up. If, perish the thought, I ever had to take 3 star again, I'd have to borrow a bigger boat.
Rob Was dropping by lunch, hope the late comers found enough on the reef to keep them happy.
I think the issues Mick refers to are slightly different though. If an organisation, whether a charity, outdoor ed centre, or whatever, wants to use photographs of their customers for promotional purposes, they need consent in the form of a 'model release'. And a child can't sign that, it has to come from the parents. I was very pleased to have to remain with vehicle for AA attendance as mates still wanted to run it!! SUICIDE!! ミウ窶堋ュ ミウミσ
Will. Craig.

I've been in bed for the last week with flu while watching all this rain and that reminder of the past has just about put some humour into what's left of the week. Next time I say anything on though I'll just keep my mouth shut about people's boat choice. ;-) I managed to find about 8 new sections for a next edition before I left the country. Also, there are one or two of the descriptions that need re- writing. The Dugoed springs to mind. I remembered the bottom scary gorge all too well but I couldn't remember the middle bit well and when I paddled it again it was far better than I remembered it(and not particularly like my description..... honesty in a guide book writer !). When I lived in Brithdir I got out and boated it about 20 times and it is a great section in the right level.

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