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Comments on: Shukan Shincho, March 9, 2000
Can the "500,000-Year-Old Site" Really Be Believed?

by Charles T. Keally
August 23, 2001
revised: November 12, 2001


This article is one of the few publications suggesting problems with the Early Palaeolithic finds in Japan before the exposure of a hoax in November 2000.

The article briefly presents what was being reported from the site at Ogasaka, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. Then it quotes "a young archaeologists from a national university" who casts doubts on the finds. This unnamed young archaeologist then apparently related several examples of significant archaeological finds around the world that later investigation showed to be mistaken -- not faked. The finds at Ogasaka were said to have no scientific basis and were probably just "mura okoshi" (local hype to attract visitors) -- not necessarily faked, just without any scientific basis and therefore probably mistaken interpretations.

It is noteworthy here that, before the exposure of a hoax in November 2000, criticism of the Early Palaeolithic finds was not being published in the academic journals, and with rare exceptions like this article, not even in the newpapers, news magazines or weekly tabloid-type magazines such as Shukan Shincho.


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