Looking for Foster Homes
Rescue Japan Animal Victims Network (RJAV)

Cats and dogs rescued from the earthquake and nuclear disaster area in Fukushima Prefecture have been brought to Akishima City in western Tokyo, to a location near the Tama Ohashi bridge over the Tama River.

These cats and dogs were very thin when they were rescued, but they are now in very good condition. Some of them are frisky, playful kittens and puppies and others are adults. They are all looking for loving foster homes. Foster homes in Akishima, Tachikawa, Fussa, Hachioji, Hino, Kunitachi, Musashi Murayama, Mizuho, Hamura and other cities and towns are welcome.

・spaying /castration and vaccination are completed
・The cats should be kept in the house.
・Visitors are welcome.

We are looking for volunteer helpers .
Donations are needed.

Direct questions to:rjav311@yahoo.co.jp

or to the RJAV Disaster Area Animal Network
Representative: SATO Atsuko 070−6556−5611
English contact: C. T. Keally 090−9292−1099
English email: (c-keally@t-net.ne.jp)
Web site: http://www.rjav311.info/

Donations and Support

It has been over 2 years since the 3-11 disaster. The RJAV shelter is very hard pressed paying for the medical care and food for the animals, for the costs of maintaining the building, for lighting and heating and cooling, and for all sorts of expendables.
We are in urgent need of your help in order to take good care of all the animals.

The account for making donations (via the Internet is possible):
Post Office account 00210-7-101037
From other banks 店名〇二九(ゼロ二キユウ) 当座 0101037 名義 どうぶつ支援
Bank Account Mizuho Bank, Mukogaoka branch (540), regular savings account 1262115 Name: RJAV

We will use your donation for the best possible care of the animals. Thank you for you help.

Rescue Japan Animal Victims (RJAV)